Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rona and the moon

Once there lived a woman named Rona. She lived in a small little cottage in the woods with her three children. One night she woke up and her kids were crying. They wanted a drink. Rona went out in the dark to the lake to get some water.

She waked and walked and walked. She filled the pot water. On her way back, the moon went behind a cloud. Rona couldn’t see her way. She tripped and split the water.

Rona was furious with the moon. She yelled at the moon. “You stupid moon,” she cried. She kept on yelling at the moon.

The Big Moon did not like Rona shouting at him. He reached down and picked up Rona. Rona hold on to a tree but the moon was too strong. He took her and the tree up to the sky.

The children did not see their mother again. Rona can see them from the moon every night.